Morrisons buy a stake in Yes Recycling Fife

MORRISONS THE FIRST SUPERMARKET TO OWN RECYCLING FACILITIES IN THE UK Morrisons has a target of reducing its own-brand plastic packaging by 50 per cent and making all own-brand plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. Yes Recycling Fife will be part of the team, enabling that target to be reached. Omer Kutluoglu, co-owner of Yes […]

Fife Council changing the face of Kirbside Collection

Yes Recycling Fife are working with Fife council and Cireco Scotland as they change the way recycling services are managed. Yes Recycling Fife will be the first plant of its kind to receive hard to recycle plastics from this new way of sourcing material, and making a sustainable change within households for the environment. Cireco […]