Ecosheet Announcement

Ecosheet an evolution in Flexi plastic.

Yes Recycling Fife announce plans for a state-of-the-art recycling facility in Glenrothes, Fife.

As an experienced recycler, we specialise in hard-to-recycle plastics, including banknotes, Hard hats, printed packaging film, and post-industrial and construction waste streams.  

An investment of £7 million has enabled us to create a state-of-the-art patented recycling technology. The plant will open in late October and will recycle 15,000 tonnes per Anum of low-grade post-consumer plastic. The plastic will then be processed into pellets and flake, with residual waste utilised to develop a new generation of high-strength Ecosheet, an alternative to plywood.  

“Unlike other products, Ecosheet is created using mixed polymers, utilising what other manufacturers throw away!” Omer Kutluoglu, Co-Founder and Director of Yes Recycling 

Ecosheet is an authentic circular economic product!  

·         Ecosheet will be created for the first time on-site in Fife.

·         Ecosheet will positively impact the construction and manufacturing sectors.

·         Ecosheet will be manufactured from 100% hard to recycle waste plastics and products.

·         Ecosheet will be available to order direct from the manufacturer and logistics partner in Q4. 

Ecosheet is:

·         As strong as plywood

·         In line with plywood pricing.

·         A greater life span than that of plywood/alternatives.

·      Ecosheet also diminishes the environmental impact that plywood has. Unlike plywood, it is    recyclable at end of life.

Ecosheet will be produced in

·         12 mm thickness

·         15mm thickness

·         18mm thickness

·         21mm thickness

Ecosheet is suitable for:

·         Construction

·         Exterior applications

·         Interior applications

·         Marine and water applications

·         Shuttering

·         And many more

Ecosheets qualities include:

·         Flexibility

·         High strength/weight-bearing properties

·         Moisture resistance (without the addition of chemicals.)

·         Resistance to chemicals

·         Insulative properties

Yes Recycling Fife has been collaborating on this project with Scottish Businesses, authorities, and investment parties. 

These include:

SDI, Scottish Enterprise, Invest Fife, and Dunfermline-based Cireco are Scotland’s leading complete resource management services and commercial streams.  

Omer Kutluoglu, Co-Founder and Director of Yes Recycling, surmises. 

“The new factory will create up to 60 jobs, with recruitment commencing in August 2021; this will create a wide range of roles including office management and facility floor.  

As a business, opportunities are limitless for the recycling industry in Scotland, investment in change is evident across Scotland, and for us, Fife is the ideal location for our first plant of this kind and the production of Ecosheet.” 

Ecosheet has evolved since the prototype over ten years ago. 

Since the launch of the original version (which gained worldwide coverage from National Television and editorials,) Yes Recycling has created new and innovative ways of improving the product previously launched. 

With the support and investment from Triodos Bank and corporate businesses, Yes Recycling’s innovation in processing Flexi plastics and Ecosheet has evolved. 

“Flexi plastics will always be a controversial material; as a business we are focused on educating others on the positives of this resource, continues Omer Kutluoglu, Co-Founder and Director of Yes Recycling. 

Using Ecosheet and following the guidelines for use will reduce environmental impact for the industry, enabling those in construction to dramatically improve their recycling rates due to Ecosheet having complete recyclable end-of-life properties. “ 

Yes Recycling and all collaborative partners hope that other councils and regions will be encouraged by the steps taken.

Changing collection procedures to enable kerbside collection of Flexi plastics and the development of new sorting processes will allow local authorities to create a new funding stream and a solution to flexible plastics; Yes, Recycling is creating opportunities for other factories and new ways of tackling the ever-changing plastic tax, by creating a way to include recyclable content and improve recycling rates. 

Steps to create change are being made. Yes Recycling is at the forefront of this change.

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