About Ecosheet

  • Our Ecosheet technology addresses the problem of low-grade and hard-to-recover plastics, by recycling these materials into Echosheet, a substitute for plywood and other types of board product.
  • Ecosheet offers a solution to the low-grade waste plastic problem without the need for prior, large-scale, waste infrastructure. Consequently, a new factory can independently start to tackle a local plastic problem, at scale, and at the source.
  • Ecosheet offers a genuinely viable alternative to plywood, which globally is a substantial cause of deforestation.
  • Ecosheet turns problematic local waste into beneficial jobs and the local economy, at the heart of communities where they are needed most.
  • Ecosheet is an innovation for the environment, benefitting industries in construction, farming, equine, shipping, events management, household/DIY to name a few.
  • If you would like more information with regards to the purchase/distribution or Ecosheet please contact us here.

Ecosheet - A Sustainable Solution

  • First of its kind

    The world’s first Ecosheet plant is nearing completion. The company itself is a joint venture between the founders of Ecosheet Yes Recycling Fife and WM Morrisons.

  • Innovative Technology

    Our innovative technology enables hard to recycle plastics to be recycled. Yes Recycling Fife has received seed funding from Nestle UK, which alongside support from our collaborative partners, (Triodos Bank, Scottish Enterprise, Zero Waste Scotland, Ecosurety, Invest Fife, Fife Council, Scottish Development International,) is enabling businesses to provide a circular economic solution for the planet.

  • Changing the face of Recycling

    Cireco Scotland and Fife Council are changing the face of kerbside collection, providing households with a new way of recycling hard to recycle plastics. This change provides material to our plant (alongside other sources,) and places Fife Council as a leader in change for local authorities and councils.

  • Ecosheet

    Ecosheet will be manufactured in Yes Recycling Fifes plant in Fife. The product will provide a superior alternative to plywood that in turn resolves dangers that impact our planet, removing hard to recycle plastic, that would be incinerated, exported, sent to landfills and dumped into our oceans and environments. The creation of Ecosheet will also prevent deforestation as there is no need to decimate habitats and endanger animals.