Solution for plastic waste

Ecosheet is created using hard to recycle plastics, that would be sent to landfills, exported, or incinerated. In conjunction with Cireco Scotland and Fife Council, we are able to collect these materials kerbside and provide a truly circular recycling process. Through innovative technology, we are able to provide a sustainable solution by recycling these plastics and creating a reusable recycled flake any residual plastic is used to create Ecosheet a solution for the environment.

Solution for the environment

Plywood is one of the largest contributors to the destruction of habitats, through deforestation. The necessity to create large quantities of material for industry effectively and quickly has resulted in species becoming endangered, areas of natural habitat destroyed. Ecosheet has superior qualities to plywood, creates a solution to the environmental impact that this product creates, and is fully recyclable at the end of life, thus creating a solution for the planet.